John Gowdy's tribute to American Firefighters

Sand sculpting contests have become increasingly popular in recent years. Some events, such as the US Open Sandcastle Competition in San Diego, offer significant cash prizes. The Festival of Sand, held in South Seaside Park, NJ, is a relatively new event, with a slightly different focus.

"FOS is more of a day of fun at the beach," says founder Jessica Sibona. "We do have world renowned sand sculptor John Gowdy to give instruction and a demonstration. John helps with the judging of the event, too. But our event is more about fun for families and children, with emphasis on learning and creativity, rather than artistic skill or competition."

"We want each participant to learn, express his or her creativity, and most of all, have fun. It's a chance for children to create their own unique masterpiece in the sand, with the helpful guidance, instruction, and encouragement from a professional sand sculptor. We encourage parents to come to the beach for the day, take lots of pictures, and have a great time!"

How often do you have the chance to build a sandcastle with the help of a professional sand artist?

2007 will be the third year for Festival of Sand, and with the help of local businesses who sponsor the event, as well as local media (newspapers and radio), we're hoping to keep this event going for a long time to come. We welcome anyone interested in helping and/or volunteering with Festival of Sand... please contact us.

We have a limited number of shirts each year, and we DO have a few shirts from previous years - please contact us to check on availability of designs and sizes.

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